Deb is expanding services in Mackay and Townsville

Debbie Napier changed her career after 20 years as a high school teacher to focus on community services.

Six years after making the move, she landed her dream job at Multicap as a NDIS Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner.

In less than a year into her employment with Multicap, Deb had grown the customer base in the North Queensland region by more than 150% by doing what she loves – helping customers. 

With the team expanding, Deb’s focus is moving towards providing more people with Positive Behaviour Support in the Mackay and Whitsunday Region.

In the Townsville region, she is also supporting Multicap’s partner organisation Open Minds, who provides mental health and disability support services.

Deb describes herself as a person who is very passionate about assisting people to overcome any obstacles so that they can live their best life.

As a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner, Deb works with customers to improve their quality of life by ensuring their safety and teaching skills that lead to a behaviour decline or engaging other supports that may be required to provide holistic support to the person.

When she worked as a high school teacher, Deb worked mostly with students who had learning and behavioural difficulties, especially Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Intellectual Disabilities.

Deb was recognised at Multicap’s 2021 Staff Excellence Awards for her exceptional contribution to providing Multicap’s customers with high quality behaviour support but says it is a team effort. 

“Multicap has an amazing support network available, and the entire organisation is supportive of each other. The Brisbane-based Positive Behaviour Support team have been brilliant, they have given me so much support and resources to upskill for this position,” she said.

Sarah Hutchinson, Multicap’s Senior Manager of Behaviour Support Practice said Deb is an amazing asset to the team. 

“Deb has extensive experience working with people with disabilities and keeps the customers goals in sight to ensure they get the most out of their lives,” Sarah said. 

Deb said she loves that Multicap and Open Minds are so customer focussed. 

“They genuinely stand by their purpose to enhance the quality of life of people with disability and mental illness and their families through the high-quality support offered. 

“I’m working with new customers in regional Queensland because Multicap is willing to do what it takes to provide support to those that need it,” Deb said. 

As specialists in complex needs support, Multicap has decades of experience in understanding behaviours of concern and the possible underlying causes. Learn more about Multicap’s Specialised Behaviour Support Services, including Positive Behaviour Support, at Multicap – Specialised Behaviour Support Services.


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