Gardens flourish with arty new edition

The Monte Lupo exhibit offers with the perfect spring outing as you enjoy a visual feast of colour and design and perhaps sample one of Brisbane’s finest breakfasts at Wild Canary – the western suburb’s own botanical bistro!

The sculptures are sure to surprise and delight with their bright colours, quirky design and detailed mosaics. All sculptures will be available for sale and will make perfect Christmas gifts!
Monte Lupo artists are attracting a growing following with their distinctive and individual style and the beautiful gardens at Brookfield Garden Centre and Wild Canary will provide the perfect backdrop for a range of items including bird baths, sundials and delightful garden dwellers.

Multicap CEO, Joanne Jessop says: “Monte Lupo artists hope to inspire, amuse, uplift and capture the hearts and minds of all who visit the display at Brookfield Garden Centre.
“We also hope to raise awareness about artists with disability and highlight the possibilities that Multicap provides to people with disability across Queensland.”


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