State Government vision for the Health system in Queensland

The State Government has released its vision for the Health system in Queensland. The vision identifies four key priorities and relevant targets for Queensland’s Health system over the next decade which are:

    • Promoting wellbeing
    • Delivering healthcare
    • Connecting healthcare
    • Pursuing innovation
    • Key measures of success set for 2026 include:
    • Reducing childhood obesity by 10%
    • Reducing the rate of suicide deaths in Queensland by 50%
    • Increasing life expectancy for Indigenous males by 4.8 years and females by 5.1 years
    • Increasing levels of physical activity for health benefit by 20%
    • Increasing the availability of electronic health data to consumers
    • Delivery a 10 year Health Workforce Strategy
    • Increasing the proportion of outpatient care delivered by Queensland Health via telehealth models of care


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