Adam excels in the open job market 

With an exceptional work ethic and unwavering drive, Adam has a long and promising career ahead of him in the open job market. 

Less than 12 months after starting work as a supported employee at logistics partner SendAble, Adam was promoted to open employment as Inventory Coordinator. 

The 26-year-old is not only proud of the achievement but driven to continually grow and improve in the role. 

‘I want to focus on consistency, and I want to make sure I can grow and handle bigger roles,’ Adam said. 

Adam works full-time at the Creastmead warehouse, where he started with a goal of mastering a forklift, then progressed to a reach truck, and ultimately assumed responsibility for inventory control. 

SendAble owner and founder Chloe said Adam’s remarkable journey from supported to open employment is a testament to his personal determination and the company’s structured support program. 

“Adam has proven himself to be an exceptional employee,” Chloe said. “He stands out as a hardworking and driven individual, consistently going above and beyond to ensure that tasks are completed with precision and excellence. His dedication to his work is truly commendable, and his commitment to achieving both personal and team goals is evident in every task he takes on.” 

As for the future, Chloe said the company has high hopes for Adam’s career progression.  

“We envision Adam taking on an additional role as a mentor and trainer for incoming team members,” Chloe said.  

“His remarkable journey to open employment, marked by his commitment to growth and his ability to set and achieve ambitious goals, makes him an ideal candidate to inspire and guide new members of our team.” 

Multicap Disability Support Worker Juanita has seen massive growth in Adam in the space of 12 months at SendAble. 

“He was so shy and very reserved at first; he would sit by himself at lunch,” she said. “But he is outgoing now, smiles all the time and sits with everyone at lunch. I’m so proud of what he’s achieved personally and at work.” 


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