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Disability Employment Support and Employment Assistance

We’re empowering our customers by providing disability employment support services to help you build new skills and find work you love. Through partnerships with business leaders and our own social enterprises, Multicap is able to offer employment opportunities to our customers in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

"The motivation behind everything we do at Multicap focuses on enhancing the lives of people with disability and their families. 

That's why, more than 30 years ago, Multicap identified the lack of opportunities for our customers to gain meaningful paid employment and we did something about it."

Jo Jessop, CEO Multicap

Our Disability Supported Employment Services

Multicap is a disability service provider that’s working to remove the barriers to employment for our customers.

Similar to our NDIS short term accommodation services, we offer a range of supports designed to help you develop new skills and build the confidence to find meaningful employment and lead a fulfilling life. 

Our experienced team knows just how important employment opportunities can be. Not only do they offer you the chance to earn your own money, they’re a key opportunity for developing new skills, becoming independent and expanding your social life.

Our disability employment support services focus on providing more opportunities for those living with disability. We’re here to help you find employment that strengthens your independence and empowers personal growth.

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Achieve Your Full Potential with Our Disability Supported Employment

We know just how much sense of happiness, purpose and achievement can come from holding a job you’re proud of. Multicap’s friendly team maintains contacts throughout the business world, so we can help you get the most out of life with our disability supported employment services.

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We're Striving to Increase Employment for People with Disability

Multicap’s assisted and supported employment services are tailored to meet your needs. Our focus is on helping you build your independence, so we offer services like on the job supports, skills training, work experience and employment opportunities through our social enterprises.

We’re here to help you learn the skills you need to take on new challenges and achieve your goals. Our disability supported employment opportunities are offered to customers with a range of needs, and we’ll tailor our services to help you achieve your full potential! 

Multicap offers employment opportunities in conjunction with government agencies and on behalf of our partners in the business community. We maintain strong relationships with government and private entities to ensure we have the tools we need to help you find meaningful employment. Our team is always on the lookout for new opportunities that we can offer to our customers, so talk to us to find out what sort of work and disability supported employment opportunities we have available.

Multicap’s Disability Employment Support Pathways

We’ve seen firsthand the effect that meaningful employment can have on the lives of our customers. To provide a wealth of opportunities and disability supported employment services, Multicap offers a number of employment pathways. Since no two people have the same needs, we tailor our approach and supports to help you access services that make the most of your capabilities and disability funding. We provide four core employment pathways:

  1. Work Ready Options. We can help build your capacity and prepare you for work by providing training services, work experience and employment supports through Government programs and social enterprises.

  2. Employment with Support. Our disability employment support programs are designed to enable everyone to achieve their goals. We provide supports such as transport assistance and specialist clinic services to help you find rewarding employment opportunities.

  3. Employment with Assistance. Through on the job training, transport assistance and specialist clinical services, Multicap can help you find employment in the community or with one of our partnered businesses.

Independent Employment. Multicap has always been committed to being an equal opportunity employer. Our partners share that mission, so our disability supported employment services can help you find independent employment. We can provide personal supports to assist with your needs while you work independently.

Partner With Us to Provide Disability Supported Employment

Multicap is committed to providing meaningful employment opportunities to customers of all needs. To do that, we maintain partnerships with business leaders, government agencies and employers in the community. Our disability employment support services allow us to offer customers exciting new roles, and they help our community partners hire talented, hard working people!

Partnering with Multicap to provide opportunities to our supported employment program is one of the best things you can do for your community. Our customers are eager to have a go and find work they’ll love, and your support makes it possible. We work closely with employment partners to ensure you’re getting the people you need and making a real impact on those around you. Contact Multicap today if you’d

To find out more about the Assisted and Supported Employment opportunities available at Multicap, call our team on 1300 135 886 or complete the below form.

The NDIS Guide for understanding employment supports is a helpful resource designed to help think about what employment supports might best suit an individual’s needs.

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