Disability Services

Assisted and Supported Employment

Empowering customers by building new skills and creating employment opportunities

"The motivation behind everything we do at Multicap focuses on enhancing the lives of people with disability and their families. 

That's why, more than 30 years ago, Multicap identified the lack of opportunities for our customers to gain meaningful paid employment and we did something about it."

Jo Jessop, CEO Multicap

We're striving to increase employment of people with disability

Multicap works to remove the barriers to employment for our customers and support them to develop the confidence, skills and sense of purpose to lead fulfilling lives every day. 

With a focus on independence and personal growth, our assisted and supported employment service gives customers training, experience and employment opportunities - whether at one of our social enterprises businesses, in partnership with government, corporates and local businesses, or roles in the open employment market. 

Every person can truly achieve their full potential

Knowing the sense of achievement, purpose and happiness that comes from holding a job you are proud of - our friendly team can help you get the most out of life with Multicap's Employment services, and secure your future. 

To find out more about the Assisted and Supported Employment opportunities available at Multicap, call our team on 1300 135 885 or complete the below form.

The NDIS Guide for understanding employment supports is a helpful resource designed to help think about what employment supports might best suit an individual’s needs.

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