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Circle of Support Forums

Have your say at our Circle of Support Forums

As part of our sole purpose – the quality of life of people with disability and their families is enhanced by our support – Multicap actively seeks input and collaboration from our customers and their support networks.

We rely on feedback from those who choose our supports to ensure the services we provide are of the highest standard and are in line with customer goals and expectations. Multicap is always looking to improve, and we need the help of those most important to us – our customers and their supporters – in order to ensure we’re heading in the right direction.

Regular Local Meetings

In addition to communicating with customers directly about their specific supports and plans, and by inviting feedback at any time, Multicap holds regular local group meetings to give customers and their supporters the opportunity to help shape how we provide our services. We call these our Circle of Support forums.

These forums align with our commitment to the NDIS Practice Standards, and our culture of continuous improvement and best practice, with feedback reported to our board of directors. They're an important way for Multicap customers and supporters to stay informed and engaged with Multicap at a higher level.

Why attend a Circle of Support forum?

  • Obtain important information, insights and new learnings about all things happening in the disability sector.
  • Make connections with other customers and supporters and extend your Multicap circle of support.
  • Learn about what Multicap is doing and what’s in store, relevant to you and your local community.
  • Talk about your experiences at Multicap, what you think we’re doing well, and what you think we can improve on. 
  • Meet with your local Multicap Team as well as members of the Executive and Board
  • Strengthen local community networks and relationships. 

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