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Specialised Behaviour Support Services

A good life is more than just the absence of harm. As specialists in complex needs support, Multicap has decades of experience in understanding behaviours of concern and the possible underlying causes.

Strategies to improve your wellbeing

Our experienced, qualified team work closely with you, your family, carers and specialist support services to prepare a Support Plan that outlines areas of concern, strategies and approved methods of managing behaviours when they arise. 

In some situations, the use of Restrictive Practices may be required to ensure a person’s safety in the short term. While these practices can be important in the appropriate circumstance, we know that these practices should not be used any longer than necessary. Multicap ensures that any use of these practices are fully compliant with all aspects of State and Federal legislation.

We offer a range of solutions and strategies to help you understand and manage behaviours of concern including; Positive Behaviour Support, Psychoeducation and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectal Behaviour Therapy.

Our Specialised Behaviour Support Services

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectal Behaviour Therapy

Sometimes, support needs to be more intensive and personalised. In these situations, therapeutic support is tailored to individual needs and priorities. In most cases this type of support is provided for very worrying behaviour that may be longstanding and unresolved. It is important to understand that these therapies focus on thoughts and feelings, therefore they are most suited to people who have the skills to reflect and have their behaviours challenged.

Critical Supports Service

Multicap’s three-stage Critical Supports Service coordinates a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency response to ensure the short and long-term safety, health, and well-being of a person with disability experiencing complex situations. Find out more on the Critical Supports Service page.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a research-based practice in which music is used to actively support people to improve their health, functioning and well-being within a therapeutic relationship. We're now pleased to offer our Music Therapy program online. Find out more on the Music Therapy Service page.

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is the most recognised and effective approach to minimise the impact of concerning behaviour, and improve quality of life. PBS plans are developed based on a thorough assessment and consultation with stakeholders and loved ones, and staff are then trained in the implementation. If necessary, clinical oversight can be provided to ensure plans continue to be effective.


Some people benefit from simple education regarding social skills, managing emotions, or learning about sex and human relations. This education can be provided individually or in small groups of people with similar needs. In most cases, small homework tasks assist people to remember what was discussed during sessions, and also to engage family or front line staff in the learning process.

Supporting you to live your best life

Our Specialised Behaviour Support Services aim to not only reduce the impact of concerning behaviour, but to provide the best possible environment for you to thrive. Our team will work with you to develop the solutions and strategies you need to enjoy your favourite activities and live your best life.

Multicap’s Specialised Behaviour Support Services can be accessed in-home, via video chat and telephone, across a wide range of locations throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

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