Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Multicap will:

  1. Continue to deliver on our sole purpose
  2. Keep our customers as safe as possible
  3. Keep as many people employed as possible

COVID-19 Support Resources

It’s essential we continue to deliver on our sole purpose – the quality of life of people with disability and their families is enhanced by our support. While we may be restricted in some ways in how we provide our full suite of support services right now, we’re dedicated to providing our customers and their support network with as much assistance and guidance as possible. Multicap continues to deliver services to customers in line with the protective restrictions imposed by state and federal governments. 
Multicap continues to monitor the situation on a daily basis and is ready to respond accordingly. We encourage customers and their support networks, and Multicap staff to stay informed by checking the latest information on the Queensland Government website, the New South Wales Government website, or via other resources available on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Multicap has developed and sourced a suite of resources to help explain the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures in place. These resources are already being used by Multicap team members, and we are making them available to customers and their support networks to assist with communication during this time.

Multicap has developed and sourced a range of resources to assist staff and families in supporting customers in the event of significant changes around COVID-19.

The current situation may well see changes in how services are delivered by the various organisations that support people living with disability. We are aware that this type of change may be difficult for some customers to understand so we have prepared different resources to assist their understanding.

A range of Social Stories and Easy English guides are available to assist customers to understand what COVID-19 is, the reason for the measures in place, and the reason for the closure of some services.
The following Easy English resources are courtesy of Access Easy English.

Easy English guides and posters

Queensland wear a mask - guide

How to wear a single-use mask - guide
How to wear a single-use mask - poster

How to wear a reusable mask - guide
How to wear a reusable mask - poster

Look after yourself - guide
Look after yourself - poster

What is PPE - guide

We need space between us - guide

Get a test - guide
You have had a test - poster

Easy Read

Coronavirus - Looking after your mental health
Source: Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services

Social stories

Social stories are a great way of teaching those with learning difficulties (especially Autism Spectrum Disorder) new patterns and getting them ready for change.
Social Stories break down complex messages into smaller, manageable pieces using short phrases and pictures. They work by letting the reader know what to expect ahead of time and allow them to practice and work through new perspectives.
Social Stories are widely used for the education of children and for those with ASD and other disabilities and is seen as an effective way to convey information about emotions, situations and change. The following Social Stories have been created by Multicap.

Download Social stories for Coronavirus - Coughing
Download Social stories for Coronavirus - Washing hands
Download Social stories for Coronavirus - What is COVID-19
Download Social stories for Coronavirus - Why I can't go out today

Listening and singing to the “Stay Inside” song can also assist. Play the Stay Inside Song

2022 Influenza Fact Sheets

Other resources

COVID-19 Planning Resource for People with Disability (Australia)

This planning guide helps people with disability to get the facts about COVID-19 and make a plan for how they will manage the impact of this situation. People with disability need a plan that is tailored to their unique support needs. (Source: University of Sydney and Queenslanders with Disability Network, via NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission)

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