Corporate Governance

The Multicap Board is tasked with ensuring that sound governance practices are in place and, as part of an overarching governance review during 2018, they approved a new Governance Policy and a Multicap Board Charter; as well as reviewing and updating all governance documents.
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The Multicap Board set the strategic direction for the organisation by formulating and approving the Multicap Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is revisited each year at the Multicap Board Planning Day. The Strategic Plan is then passed to the CEO and Senior Executive Management team for implementation. The Board and CEO have a role in overseeing, monitoring and reporting on agreed actions.

Learn more about the Our Policies here.

The work of the Board is supported by committees and, as part of the governance review, these were reviewed and realigned during the year to better support the organisation at this time. The Board currently has four committees: Strategy, Finance and Audit, and Risk, Quality and Systems.

Annual General Meeting Presentations

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