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Monte Lupo Arts

Giving artists with disability employment opportunities is just one aspect of Monte Lupo Arts Studio.

Empowering artists and service staff of all abilities

Our assisted employee artists create ceramic and textile artworks and homewares, personally managing every step of the production process. Everyone in the studio is a valued team member and plays an important role in creating each piece, through creative collaboration.

Our collaborative approach has been enormously successful across a wide range of roles, empowering artists and service staff of all abilities. Monte Lupo artists gain a special sense of purpose, creative expression and engagement with the wider community.


hours of employment each week


assisted employees

30 years of creating jobs and artwork

In 2021, Monte Lupo celebrated 30 years of creating jobs and beautiful artwork. The milestone year saw the renovation of the Eight Mile Plains studio and the expansion of the Online Store

The studio continues to deliver ceramic workshops to the public, as well as feature in several galleries and exhibitions across Australia and contribute to the SWELL Sculpture Festival. 

Monte Lupo continues to gain national recognition for its stunning array of artwork and is a springboard for many of our artists to launch their own individual careers in the arts.

Interested in Learning More?

Each piece of Monte Lupo artwork holds a unique piece of the Monte Lupo story. Our Online Store offers a wide range of products available to purchase with all proceeds going back into supporting our artists grow. 

To find out more, get in touch at 1300 135 886 or purchase your very own piece of Monte Lupo art from the Online Store today. 

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