Creative volunteering at Monte Lupo Arts

After dedicating 43 years to teaching art in secondary schools, Corinne is enjoying the tranquillity of volunteer work at the Monte Lupo Arts studio.

Following her passion for ceramics, Corinne participated in multiple Monte Lupo Arts workshops during 2021 and 2022 before recognising she would like to make the incredible experience part of her regular routine.

With a year of long service leave in mind, Corinne spoke to Monte Lupo Arts leadership about future opportunities for volunteer work.

“I enjoyed sculpting and creating the garden dweller, animal and head planter so much that I arranged to volunteer while on long service leave throughout 2023,” said Corinne.

Corinne is now a valued member of the team, visiting the studio for five hours a day, two days a week and said it has been a wonderful experience.

“I want to be of service and give back to my community but aside from that, it’s fabulous seeing what other artists are creating daily in this pleasant and lovely space,” she said.

“I can contribute and help to create gorgeous pieces and have fun doing it.”

Multicap’s General Manager Creative Arts, Fiona Hayes said Corinne is such a pleasure to work with and has been a great help with everything in the studio.

“She is committed to the collaborative work with other artists and her extensive ceramic background allows her to be flexible and efficient,” said Fiona. “We love having Corinne be a part of our team.”

Naturally motivated about making a positive impact in her community, Corinne is making the most of her long service leave, also volunteering at an RSPCA Op Shop and Salvos Store each week.

Monte Lupo artists manage each step of the production process, including preparing the clay, glazing and painting. Each detail is unique to the finished product and a testament to the hard work of each of the artists.

Monte Lupo’s talented team of artists are always looking for new challenges, whether it’s creating a custom piece or running a dedicated workshop for individuals or groups.

For more information about upcoming workshops or to purchase your very own piece of Monte Lupo art, visit the online store today or get in touch by calling 1300 135 886. 


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