Early career clinician’s pathway opens doors for Molly

Molly has landed her first practitioner role in Multicap’s Positive Behaviour Support team after embracing study placement opportunities as part of the organisation’s career clinician’s pathway.

Already working at Multicap Molly was a perfect candidate for the pathway program as she was well on her way to completing her Bachelor of Social Work at Griffith University.

Six months into her placement, she has fast tracked her career by completing her required university placement while gaining experience in Queensland’s largest Allied Health teams leading to a full-time position as a practitioner.

Earlier this year Multicap introduced the innovative early career clinician’s pathway program to help build a strong workforce of clinicians to ensure the future of clinical and specialist supports.

Molly is grateful for her career opportunities since joining Multicap as a Support Worker more than two years ago.

“It has been a good learning journey and I’m thankful for the opportunities to step up,” Molly said. “I’ve experienced working in various locations and supporting people of differing needs and even had the opportunity to act in Service Manager positions.”

“There are always opportunities within Multicap, you just need to have the confidence to step up when you are offered those roles.”

Molly is well prepared for working with customers behaviours having worked with Multicap’s high needs customers at community hubs.

“There are so many people to support, all with varying complexities but now I feel confident to be able to work with anyone,” said Molly.

“I fell in love with making a positive impact and helping people increase their quality of life.”

Multicap’s Senior Manager Behaviour Support Practice and clinician program lead, Sarah Hutchison said she is pleased to see the program delivering results.

“We’re proud to offer a safe space for emerging clinicians to gain hands-on experience from a high functioning team specialising in clinical excellence, evidence-based practice, peer support.

“We have opportunities available for people currently studying a diploma, bachelor or master’s degree in Allied Health who are looking for a long and rewarding job.”

“We are looking forward to welcoming Molly into the Positive Behaviour Support team in her permanent practitioner role soon,” said Sarah.

Multicap Group has roles for emerging clinicians and new career pathway options to work through to advanced levels of practice, specialisation, or leadership.

To learn more Multicap’s Early Careers Clinician pathways, phone 1300 135 886.


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