Exceptional and authentic leadership recognised at awards

Take responsibility for your actions, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and always take time to have fun.

This is the advice for future leaders from the winner of the inaugural Vertaview Group Leadership Award, Tony Vidler.

The award was presented at the Annual Multicap Staff Excellence Awards celebrating leadership and exceptional staff.

Kellie Sentinella, Multicap’s Regional Manager South, received the highly commended award for leadership.

Tony, Multicap’s General Manager Support Services North, said leaders need to be the person people want to work with.

“Be authentic, honest, fair and take responsibility for your decisions. As a leader you have to make decisions that not everybody will agree with, however if you do it with the right intent, you will likely retain their respect,” Tony said.

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – own them and learn from it.”

While Tony – described as ‘the most inspiring leader I have ever had the privilege of reporting to’ – says you need to lead from the front, particularly during difficult times, he recognises himself as part of a team.

“Be a team player and be willing to share success – it’s amazing what can be achieved when no one individual on the team cares who gets the credit,” he said.

Tony, who has been in leadership roles for most of his 30-year career in the disability sector, said remaining calm and looking after your health were also important attributes for leaders.

“I always strive to remain calm, particularly in the face of adversity, to instil a sense of confidence in those working around me. Working in a sector where we have a 24/7 obligation to the people we support, there is a high risk of staff and managers becoming all consumed by the cause and ultimately burning out,” Tony said.

I encourage and importantly endorse people to have a balanced life outside of work to ensure they build resilience to contribute positively over a longer period of time. If we look after staff well, they will ultimately do the same for our customers.”

Tony said it was an honour to receive the leadership award.

“The whole sector is driven by people displaying a relentless commitment in their work to improving the quality of life of vulnerable members of our society. I am very humbled and grateful to be acknowledged by those people,” he said.

Receiving the highly commended award for leadership was a great surprise for Kellie.

Having worked in leadership for more than a decade, Kellie describes her approach as authentic.

“I like to get to know my team and what their goals are – their hopes and dreams,” she said.

“Really, my role as a leader is about how well I can support and develop my team. I have a fantastic team and making sure they are being challenged and supported in all the right ways is really important.”

She says it’s important as a leader to always model the behaviour you want to see in your team.

“In every interaction, your staff are always watching you and how you respond to things, so I always try to model the behaviour I want to see in them.”

Kellie’s colleagues say her ‘clear alignment and commitment to purpose has undoubtedly enriched the professional lives of all those fortunate to work alongside her’.

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