Introducing new disability podcast series: Talking Possibilities

Multicap is delighted to introduce a new disability podcast series: Talking Possibilities.

The purpose of the podcast is to provide authentic, behind-the-scenes glimpses of those living with disabilities and hear why disability won’t hold them back.

In each episode, we spend around 10 minutes interviewing both those living with disabilities and those working to enhance their quality of life.

Listen to stories about the incredible achievements of those living with disabilities, what their hopes and dreams are, and what drives them.

The idea behind the podcasts is to provide audio-only stories focusing on a single topic: people with disability.

The podcast lets listeners tune in and listen in the car, at work, in the gym, or wherever is preferred. Each episode is also transcribed for accessibility.

In episode 1 we interview Jess and Michelle, two employees at our social enterprise Monte Lupo Café.
Jess has worked at the café for five years, starting as a Retail Assistant before being promoted to Job Coach where she helps new starters learn the ropes.

Michelle is a retail assistant and barista, and talks of her goal to own her own café one day: anything is possible for Michelle.

“For other people with disabilities, I want them to continue with their dreams,” said Michelle.
Episode 2 has us talking to Multicap customer John, a published author, who speaks about the inspiration behind his book The Klazziah Chronicles: Lupin’s Gold.

John talks through his plans for the next two instalments of the fantasy trilogy.

And our host? Rebecca Griffin has interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life during her 25-year career in journalism and communications.

She is a respectful and engaging host who is passionate about sharing stories of those living and achieving with disability.

When she’s not behind the microphone, Rebecca runs her own communication business, spends time with her twin daughters, studies and (of course) listens to podcast interviews!

More disability podcast episodes will come throughout the year, so get in touch if you have a story to share.

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