‘Lifting’ for the team

Mandeep is embracing new skills on her leadership journey after recently obtaining her forklift licence, as a Senior Job Coach at Multicap’s employment business, Makeables in Rocklea. 

Late last year, Mandeep was nominated for Multicap’s emerging leader program and has since been introduced to management responsibilities such as, completing incident reporting, holding performance discussions, conducting employee assessments, and relieving for other managers.  

Mandeep said that the working environment along with the encouragement from leaders is one of the best things about working at Multicap. 

“My experience with Multicap is fabulous and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I’m happy to be part of the emerging leaders’ program and have opportunities to learn other areas of the business with the support of other leaders.” 

Makeables Business Manager, Mark Quill, said there are many facets to being a leader but being equipped with many skills to support the broader team is critical. 

“While not a typical leadership skill, obtaining a forklift licence means that Mandeep can roll up her sleeves, or in this case, jump on the forklift and keep processes moving when needed,” Mark said. 

Participating in a three-day course to obtain the licence, Mandeep said while she enjoys learning new things, getting the forklift licence had its challenges. 

“I’ve never operated machines so had to try to think differently, like a tradie,” Mandeep said. “I think I stood out at the course because other participants, who were tradies, kept asking why I needed a forklift licence in the disability industry?” 

Gaining the licence adds another feather to Mandeep’s cap, as a mother of three with both a Diploma in Aged Care and a Masters in Business Administration which she gained before relocating to Australia more than 10 years ago.   

“After helping my husband set up restaurants when we first moved to Brisbane, I recognised I had a passion for nursing, so completed the Diploma to get some insight. I knew I was on the right track and have loved my work for the past seven years here at Makeables,” she said. 

“I’m thrilled that working at Multicap I can use my previous work experience in business and combine it with my passion for providing care – it’s exactly the mix that I was looking for!” 

Being a Job Coach at Multicap employment businesses involves helping supported employees achieve their employment goals. Mandeep’s patient and encouraging attitude has motivated many employees to proudly go beyond their expectations on a daily basis. 

“When I work alongside our fabulous, supported employees, I can see how they feel great pride for contributing to the community and it’s very rewarding. 

Makeables offers great variety of work including packing and preparing for some big brands such as NCI, Marsh Spring, Boyles Fitness, BCP Media, Allflex and Recochem. Visit our website for more information about our employment businesses.  If you work for a business that has a great sense of community built into their philosophy and need help to make manual elements of production and distribution easier, contact Makeables today on 1300 135 886.


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