Local Redlands man using Cash for Cans to support others

Liam, 29 years old from Cleveland, is kicking goals in life thanks to his supportive family and disability service provider, Multicap’s reliable and responsive support team.

Moving out of home and starting his own project were high on Liam’s to-do-list, and now he is calling for local businesses to support him to help others in need.

Liam launched ‘Liam Bell Enterprises’ in 2020 and has been recycling cans and bottles at Redland Bay, donating some of the proceeds to the Smith Family and Save the Children Foundation.

Liam currently sources cans and bottles from family friends in the neighbourhood, however he is searching for local businesses that may have cans and bottles that can be recycled.

Liam’s mum, Helen, has emphasised the importance for Liam to be surrounded by a support network that will ensure he has a good life and has encouraged him to take on projects that reinforce values of responsibility and commitment.

“The business model is set up in a way that replicates a job and reinforces consequence, for example if Liam doesn’t tend to the business needs processing the cans and bottles weekly, the child Liam sponsors may miss out on food.

“Liam is very proud of his little ‘business’ and the responsibility of supporting those less fortunate than himself. He chose green for his business colour as he wants to be seen as an environmental warrior and this is reflected in the mission statement,” Helen said.

Liam Bell Enterprises mission is to ‘make the world a better place through positivity, participation and commitment to protecting the environment’.

Despite being non-verbal, Liam was determined to follow in his older siblings’ footsteps, by moving out of home when he was 25 years old. While he achieved his goal on time, it took a number of years to finally settle into the right home with the right support he needs. These days he is enjoying his independence living in Cleveland with support from Multicap 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and he is loving it.

“I’m extremely happy and it’s going great,” Liam said.

In fact, he is enjoying his independence so much that he has told his parents he doesn’t have to see them every weekend!

Liam started receiving support from Multicap in March 2021 and Liam’s mum, Helen, chose Multicap because they were local and liked that Multicap leaders acknowledge that family know the customer best.

“I appreciate Multicap’s willingness take action to solve problems. Staff have been willing to upskill to better understand Liam and provide the service that he wants.

“I supply a weekly activity schedule for staff because I know that Liam is happier when he is active and Multicap staff have been fabulous in supporting Liam on his daily schedule,” Helen said.

Each day is a new adventure and outings range from browsing the local supermarket, visiting surrounding parks, to catching a ferry to a nearby island for a walk or swim.

If you are a local business based in Redland Bay and have cans and bottles that need recycling, please contact Multicap on 1300 135 886.


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