Many benefits to spring from community hub garden

A woman planting herbs in a sunny garden
Rockhampton customer, Gail, enjoying being part of the Garden Lovers Club.

Customers at Multicap’s Rockhampton Community Hub are excited about growing their own produce with their new edible garden, the catalyst for a new Garden Lovers Club at the Hub.

Two years of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns has inspired Rockhampton’s customers to find an activity that would get them outside to enjoy the many benefits of growing their own produce.

With a variety of herbs, vegetables and natural pest repellents such as marigolds freshly planted, customers are keen to enjoy the fruits of their labour and start using their harvest at weekly Hub cooking classes.

Customers are also pleased to have the opportunity to join the Hub’s Garden Lovers Club which is currently available on Fridays for those wanting to learn more about plants and how to grow them. The Club will be available Monday to Friday in 2023.

Multicap customer, Gail is enjoying being part of the Garden Lovers Club.

“I like being outdoors. It’s a nice change from being indoors. I will get to watch the garden grow and be with all the flowers,” said Gail.

Multicap’s Administration Assistant, Lara Richter has been very happy to make sure the vision of customers come to life.

“Our customers are happy and resourceful and love spending time at our Hub. It’s been an absolute pleasure to coordinate this project and implement their ideas,” Lara said.

Customers and staff are grateful for the support of the wider community for this project. Bunnings have donated gift vouchers and rainwater tank manufacturer, Nu-Tank have provided discounted second-hand farm troughs which have been used as garden bed frames.

The project will continue to grow with future additions including a worm farm for composting and some outdoor furniture so customers can sit and enjoy the garden.

Rockhampton Service Manager, Melissa Jarred said there’s lots of opportunities for learning with this garden, from sustainability to nutrition and wellness.

“Our customers understand how important it is for their health and wellbeing to get outside and connect with nature, and we are so proud of them for taking the initiative to start this garden,” said Melissa.

To find out more about Multicap’s Rockhampton Hub and its program of activities, please visit our website. If you would like to make a donation to the Garden Lovers Club, please contact (07) 4922 4549.


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