Matilda’s number one fan

When Multicap customer Dylan Gorry stood for the National Anthem at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, he had more than one reason to hold his hand on his heart.

Dylan is proud to be an Australian but is also very proud of his big sister, Katrina, who was on field representing Australia as a midfielder for the Matildas.

Dylan, who has Down’s syndrome, attended every single one of Katrina’s games during this year’s world cup in Australia.

Knowing that Dylan – Katrina’s number one supporter – was in the crowd, gave the Matildas star a boost.

‘I can sense his little smile and his grumpy face at Dad’s loud whistling,’ Katrina said.

Katrina was eight when Dylan was born and took to the role of big sister like a natural.

‘We have a very special relationship,’ Katrina, who is currently living in Sweden playing for football club Vittsjo, said. ‘It doesn’t matter how much time has passed, we always have the same love and happy feelings around each other.’

Dylan’s mum, Michelle, said the siblings shared a special bond.

‘When we brought Dylan home from the hospital, Katrina slept by his cot,’ Michelle said. ‘I remember she would help bath, dress and feed him. She was so tiny and she would be carrying around this big chubby baby. It was adorable! Her love for him was so beautiful and so strong and still is! They are very close and that makes me feel all mushy inside and just so proud of Katrina and of her love and acceptance of Dylan.’

Dylan, who works as a ceramic’s assistant at Multicap’s Monte Lupo Arts Studio, has travelled the world to watch his sister play soccer, including watching her first World Cup in Canada in 2015, then to Brazil for the Olympics in 2016 and France for the 2019 World Cup.

‘He is always showing off in front of the other Matildas and I love that about him, and that he’s always smiling,’ Katrina said.

Katrina, now a mother herself, said Dylan inspired her in so many ways.

‘The way he looks at the world is the way we should all look at the world. He inspires me to be present and enjoy the moment.’

And after a whirlwind world cup this year with the Matilda’s gaining international attention, Katrina says Dylan has a beautiful way of keeping everyone grounded.

‘The happiness and excitement he shows about what we are achieving helps those around him to feel that too,” she said.


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