Monte Lupo Arts Studio Presents ‘Raining Forest’: A Showcase of Creativity and Collaboration

Monte Lupo Arts Studio, a creative business within Multicap, has proudly unveiled their most recent annual exhibition, ‘Raining Forest’, which dazzled spectators over the weekend.  

Showcasing over 150 pieces of original artwork meticulously crafted by our talented assisted employees, ‘Raining Forest’ is a testament to the boundless creativity and dedication of individuals supported by Multicap.

Monte Lupo Arts Studio, nestled within the heart of Multicap, serves as an artist haven where assisted employees transform raw materials into breathtaking masterpieces. From vibrant paintings to intricate pottery, each piece is imbued with the unique essence of its creator, resulting in a collection that captivates the senses and sparks imagination.

Fiona Haynes, General Manager of Creative Arts, sheds light on the studio’s inner workings, revealing a collaborative effort where sixteen assisted employees have poured their hearts and souls into each creation.

“With an average production time of six weeks per piece, ‘Raining Forest’ not only showcases artistic prowess but also underscores the significance of teamwork and camaraderie,” says Fiona.

“This exhibition is a celebration of unity and creativity, it’s not just about the individual artists; it’s about every hand that contributed to the making of these extraordinary artworks and the seamless execution of this exhibition.”

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, ‘Raining Forest’ holds a deeper purpose where proceeds from this annual showcase play a pivotal role in sustaining the ongoing work and care needs of assisted employees, ensuring they continue to thrive in their artistic endeavours.

For those who missed out on the spectacle of ‘Raining Forest’, the Monte Lupo Arts Studio is open to members of the public who are welcome to visit and shop in person, online or even partake in a workshop. You can find out more here,  https://www.montelupoarts.org.au/

About Monte Lupo Arts Studio:

Monte Lupo Arts Studio is a vibrant creative space nestled within Multicap, dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities to explore their artistic talents. Through pottery, painting, and various artistic mediums, Monte Lupo fosters a supportive environment where assisted employees can unleash their creativity and express themselves freely.


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