Multicap hosts heartfelt event to celebrate 60 years of supporting people with disability

Caption: (L-R) Multicap Customer for 60 years Robert, CEO Joanne Jessop and Chair Angela Tillmanns cutting the cake.

More than 100 people gathered at Multicap’s cherished Monte Lupo Café on Friday to celebrate Multicap’s 60th anniversary of its first official meeting as an association in March 1962.

Special guests and staff gathered in the café courtyard to celebrate the occasion with live performances from Centre of Creative Arts customers, speeches, the unveiling of a time capsule and cake cutting.

On this week 60 years ago, the first official meeting of the association was held after many years of hard work from five founding families, who at the time were desperate to find suitable support and opportunities for their children with disability, including Robert as featured in the above photo.

Multicap’s CEO Joanne Jessop took the opportunity to honour the founding families and their original vision.

“It is a great honour for us to be custodians of the vision that these families had for their children; hopes and aspirations that their children deserved and had a right to live quality lives,” Joanne said. “I am proud to say that I see and hear evidence of this, our sole purpose, every day and everywhere across Multicap, as we continually seek to turn this vision into reality.

“It really is phenomenal to think about how far we have come as an organisation since those earlier days, now with a team of over 2000 staff enhancing the lives of people with disability throughout Queensland and northern NSW.

“I’m proud to celebrate this special occasion and particularly thankful for our extremely talented customers for their dance and choir performances as well as our customer and Self Advocacy member, Shane for his poignant speech,” Joanne said.

Shane has been a Multicap customer for the past five years and is a founding member of the Self Advocacy Network, now leading the program at Multicap’s Capalaba Hub. One of Shane’s personal Self Advocacy goals for 2022 is to do more public speaking events.

In his speech, Shane shared his experience with Multicap and how his life has been impacted.

“Knowing that Multicap is celebrating its 60th birthday makes me happy because not only was I asked to speak here today, but I am also proof of the amazing things Multicap does for people with a disability. It is a nice and fun place where we make life-long friends and become more independent with our lives,” he said.

Shane’s speech along with published history books, videos, photos, and other contributions from Multicap’s customers will be added to the time capsule throughout the year and will then be sealed and buried on-site at Eight Mile Plains until 2062.

Multicap Group are leaders in high needs disability support and mental health services, providing individualised support, experiences and opportunities for more than 8,000 customers and clients across Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Despite 60 years of growth and diversification, Multicap Group’s commitment and sole purpose remains the same – the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families is enhanced by their support.

For more information about Multicap’s history, visit the website at Multicap – Celebrating 60 years.


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