Multicap welcomes NDIS review improving support of people with disability

Together with members of Ability First Australia (AFA), Multicap welcomes the release of the Final Report of the Independent Review into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The Report made 26 recommendations, along with 139 detailed actions, that aim to improve the way in which people with disability are supported.

Each of the recommendations and actions are designed to work together, and according to the NDIS Review Panel, must be considered as a total package of reforms.

Multicap Group CEO, Joanne Jessop said the recommendations are a positive step towards ensuring people with disability are provided the support and care they deserve.

“We are encouraged by the recommendations outlined in the Final Report and look forward to collaborating with both local and state government to facilitate change,” said Joanne.

“Multicap is committed to achieving positive outcomes for people with disability and will work to ensure their needs are catered for across the NDIS and other state–based services.”

As detailed in the Report, Multicap supports the following recommendations:

· Reforming the pricing and payments model to account for the true cost of services, particularly for people with complex needs and for services in regional and remote areas

· Bestowing responsibility for advising on NDIS pricing to an independent body to strengthen transparency, predictability and alignment

· Improving access to supports in remote communities as soon as possible

· Working with governments to provide services in housing, health and education alongside the NDIS.

You can read the Final Report of the Independent Review into the NDIS here.


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