Nathan’s assisted employment journey from factory to technology

Nathan, 32 years old from Brisbane, first joined Multicap’s employment business, Makeables as an assisted employee working in its factory but two years he is now following his passion by working in the technology team.

The shift happened following a regular check-in with Multicap’s Pathways Operations Manager, Bec Lowther, where Nathan shared his goal to move into open employment in technology. Bec immediately commenced working with the business to find a suitable pathway to transition Nathan into assisted employment in the organisation’s technology team.

Having settled into the Multicap Group’s technology team for the past six months, Nathan said he is most enjoying being a respected member of the team.

“The team is really good. Everyone talks to me at my level, and I feel like I’m part of the team,” Nathan said.

“I do a lot of odd jobs. Each time I get a new job, I have to learn something new,” he said. “I have had the opportunity to write programs to solve problems and make improvements to the organisation.”

Multicap Group IT Operations Manager, Kirk Pascoe works closely with Nathan and said he is making a valuable contribution to the team.

“His contributions have enabled us to make important decisions about systems and licencing. Often this work can be ignored with more pressing deadlines, so we appreciate that Nathan supports us with these tasks,” said Kirk.

“Nathan is inquisitive and keen to learn. We enjoy having him in the team and have learnt a lot about his challenges.

“Embracing and welcoming a member of the community in which we serve as a not-for-profit in the disability and mental health industry is an insightful and meaningful experience. What we do here in technology, indirectly effects someone’s quality of life,” he said.

With an economics degree already under his belt and part way through a data science degree, if jobs were offered based purely on a resume, Nathan certainly meets many of the criteria to have a shining career.

Diagnosed with bipolar, autism, ADHD and schizophrenia at 21 years old, Nathan has been on a journey to find what works for him in his career.

After completing his first degree, he was working a data analysis job at a sugar and ethanol firm until his mental health deteriorated. This led to six months without work before commencing at Makeables.

When Nathan isn’t working at Multicap two days a week, he is studying part-time and also working from home in open employment two days a week doing data analysis for pig farms around Australia.

In his down time, Nathan enjoys spending time with his family, acrylic painting, gardening and looking after his five chooks.

Multicap proudly empowers people by providing disability employment support services to help build new skills and find work they love. For more information, visit our website https://multicap.org.au/our-services/assisted-and-supported-employment.


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