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Multicap is delighted to introduce a new podcast series: Talking Possibilities. Each episode will take you behind the scenes to get to know people within the disability industry – both those living with disabilities and those working to enhance their quality of life.

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Behind the mic

Over a 25-year career in journalism and communications, Rebecca has interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life. She loves giving people the opportunity to share their story and believes everyone has a story to tell.

When she's not behind the microphone, Rebecca runs her own communication business, spends time with her twin daughters, studies and (of course) listens to podcast interviews!

Episode 5 - Mitch shares his emotional coming out story and discusses celebrating pride month

In this episode, Mitch, an award winning supported employee and talented barista at Monte Lupo Cafe, shares his moving coming out story, and the secrets of being authentic to yourself. He also discusses the importance of pride month, his future goals and aspirations, and his commitment to provide exceptional service at the Monte Lupo Café. Listen to the full episode to hear more from Mitch.

Episode 4 - Trent shares his research and expertise on Prader-Willi syndrome.

In this episode, Multicap Group Research Lead, Trent, shares his research and expertise on Prader-Willi Syndrome.
In an effort to raise awareness and support individuals affected by this genetic multisystem disorder, Trent provides valuable insights. Trent recently embarked on a journey to Ireland, where he presented at the prestigious 11th International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organisation Conference.

During his presentation, he shed light on crucial aspects such as housing design features and the funding challenges faced by people living with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Listen to the full episode to hear more from Trent.

Episode 3 - Liam reaches goals through self-advocacy

In this episode, Liam shares his journey exploring self-advocacy and how his experience has led to achieving more confidence and the ability to speak up for himself. Originally shy and quiet, through participating in Multicap’s self-advocacy program, Liam is now a leader of a group teaching others to have a voice and planning to make changes in the community for people with disability, through his continued growth by being selected to complete an emerging leaders program.

Episode 2 - From math student to fantasy author 

In this episode, our guest is John: a numbers man turned author. Formerly a university math student, he shares his experience of self-publishing his first book: The Klazziah Chronicles: Lupin’s Gold. Now available for purchase on Amazon, his family are extremely proud of his accomplishment, and he has now turned his focus to penning book two in the three-part series. Listen to the full episode to hear more from John.

Episode 1 - Jess and Michelle pursue their dreams

In this episode, Jess and Michelle share their experience working at Multicap’s employment business, Monte Lupo Café. Jess was promoted to Job Coach and now supports other assisted employees to develop their retail assistant and barista skills. Michelle is studying store management and business online to achieve her goal of one day managing her own café. Both Jess and Michelle are on an exciting journey to find their independence and want other people with disability to pursue their dreams. Listen to the full episode to hear more from Jess and Michelle.

Special Edition - How attending the DSW Conference improved my career as a support worker

In this episode, Multicap Group CEO, Joanne Jessop, joins our host, Rebecca, to talk about the 2023 Direct Support Workers (DSW) Conference and its benefits for support workers. The duo is also joined by Tony (Open Minds Support Worker) and Alex (Multicap Support Worker), who share some of the challenges they have faced, their career aspirations, and their thoughts about how the DSW Conference helped enhance the support they provide to people. Listen to the full episode to hear more from Tony and Alex.

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