Partnership delivers new skills in technology

A group of supported employees at Multicap’s employment business, Makeables are gaining additional skills thanks to a partnership with Transurban and Q-Free to manually audit number plates on vehicles passing tolls.

Through collaboration with global consultancy, Apricot Consulting, Transurban and Q-Free
established a partnership with Multicap to achieve greater efficiencies for Transurban’s tolling business and help empower people with disability to further develop independence, confidence
and transferable technology skills.

The partners embraced social procurement with support from Apricot Consulting to generate social value above and beyond the value of the service to manually audit the tolling images.

General Manager, Tony Burns said the partnership is delivering skills and training tailored to an individual’s learning style which may lead to greater choice and opportunities for participation in all aspects of society.

“As technology continues to drive the jobs of the future, the goal is to build confidence and competence of people with disability in technology skills and offer more variety to their roles and make a valuable contribution to the community.”

Each quarter, Multicap receives 10,000 tolling images to review and verify to ensure accuracy for people travelling on Brisbane’s toll network.

Multicap Assisted Employee, Anily joined the Makeables team six months ago and before a recommendation from her support worker, hadn’t considering working at a social enterprise.

“I wasn’t even aware that Makeables existed, but I love it and wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. The people are friendly and I enjoying coming to work each day.”

Anily has always been interested in computers so jumped at the chance to complete training and manually review auto tolling images.

“I liked the Transurban Q-Free training and having a chance to complete important work for them,” said Anily. “I always enjoyed my business subject at school and would really like to do more computer work here at Makeables.”

Multicap Job Coach and Disability Support Worker, Juanita who oversees assisted and supported employees working on the tolling images said it is a huge opportunity for the team to use other skills which they may not be utilising in other areas of their employment journey.

“We have other staff members who are excited and waiting patiently for their turn to learn new tasks and achieve further ongoing development as part of this partnership with Transurban and Q-Free.”

Multicap is committed to providing meaningful employment opportunities and ongoing training for people living with disability. The unique blend of social enterprises and commercial relationships creates multiple employment opportunities annually for people with a disability.

For more information about this exciting partnership, please view our Multicap + Transurban + Q-Free + Apricot Consulting Case Study on our website.

If you are interested in making a social impact by partnering with Multicap, please contact our friendly team on 1300 135 886.


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