Partnership offers more people opportunity to realise goals

Multicap’s partnership with Open Minds is bringing more people one step closer to increased independence with supported employment through Multicap’s social enterprises and commercial relationships.

Open Minds clients recently toured the Makeables facility in Tingalpa. Makeables is one of Multicap’s employment businesses that makes the manual elements of production and distribution easier for businesses.

The tour was hosted by Multicap’s Pathways Operations Manager, Bec Lowther, and gave clients an insight into the possibility of earning an income and gaining transferrable skills alongside Makeables 145 supported employees.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Open Minds and help more people realise their goals through supported employment,” said Bec.

“Working with Open Minds has been such a pleasure. We are all working towards the goal of enhance the quality of life for our clients and customers – and through our partnership we have even more opportunities to do that.”

Open Minds Care Leader, Roger Daly attended the tour and observed palpable excitement within the group.

“Some of our clients have had the goal to gain employment for years. Being able to link our clients with a broader support network that will further enable an independent and positive future for them is a wonderful thing,” said Roger.

“I’m so happy to see our clients fulfill life goals of gaining employment,” said Open Minds Care Leader, Roger Daly.

An Open Minds client recently experienced their first day of employment at Multicap’s full-service commercial laundrette, known as Laundretto.

Working at Laundretto brings an opportunity to build skills in customer service, laundry processes, and logistics.

Supported employment plays an important role in increasing the social and economic participation of people with disability. In 2021-22, Multicap provided 144,704 hours of employment to 185 supported employees.

To find out more about Multicap’s social enterprises, please visit the Multicap website.


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