Patrick adds bronze to the collection

Patrick, aged 18 years from southeast Brisbane, works part-time at Multicap’s employment business, Makeables and rather than eating Easter Eggs over the easter holidays, he was winning a bronze medal in the Mens Multi Class 18-year-old 200m freestyle at the Australian Age Swimming Championships in Adelaide.

With his sights firmly set on participating in the Los Angeles 2028 Summer Paralympics, outside of his working hours, he is training almost every chance he gets.

Patrick’s mum, Kate, is with him every stroke he takes and couldn’t be prouder.

“Patrick started swimming when he was 12 years old and not only has he loved swimming and competing ever since, he is a dedicated team member cheering others on at every competition.

“Patrick has made qualifying times and is currently waiting to find out if he has made selection for the Australian team at the Inaugural Virtus Oceania Asia Games to be held in Brisbane later this year in November. I’m excited for what he will achieve at this upcoming event and the many others he will participate in on his paralympic pathway,” Kate said.

Patrick officially joined Multicap’s employment business, Makeables at Tingalpa after completing high school last year.

“He did work experience at Makeables during a couple of terms last year and his Job Coach recognised his ability and offered him a job on the spot,” Kate said. “He happily took up the opportunity and now enjoys working on the Pepsico line.”

“I think he enjoys working at Makeables as he always seems keen to go, especially on Wednesday when a friend from Special Olympics also works. It’s nice to know he has friends and support at work,” she said.

Multicap works to remove the barriers to employment for people with disability and with a focus on independence and personal growth, Multicap’s employment services provide training and transferable skills, experience and employment opportunities.

Patrick wants to go into open employment and unsurprisingly he has a special interest in gaining employment in the swimming field as a technical official or coach.

Outside of swimming training and competitions, Patrick enjoys listening to music on the trampoline, Xbox, bowling, trivia and loves holidays.


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