Rhonda finds fulfillment in volunteering

For Rhonda, volunteering is a simple way to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

“It’s good to help people, you should always help people less fortunate than yourself,” she said.

Rhonda’s volunteering journey with Multicap began nearly a decade ago.

Her love for the arts combined with a genuine affection for people led her to Multicap’s Centre of Creative Arts (COCA) Program, where she has volunteered weekly since 2015.

“I love what I do, and I enjoy the arts,” said Rhonda.

Rhonda’s connection with the COCA participants goes beyond just teaching; it’s about forming meaningful relationships and nurturing their creativity.

Rhonda’s vibrant presence ensures every session at COCA is filled with laughter, learning, and a lot of heart.

“I love helping the customers, they’re fun and always good for a chat and joke,” she said. “It’s always nice to help them develop their art skills to produce their own art.”

Rhonda’s empathetic approach along with her ability to engage with COCA participants not only boosts their confidence but also encourages them to express themselves through various artistic mediums.

This National Volunteers Week, Multicap expresses a deep gratitude to Rhonda and all volunteers, who give their time to help people with disability.

National Volunteer Week is Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteering and is being held from 20-26 May 2024.

The theme for National Volunteer Week 2024 is ‘Something for Everyone’.

It’s an invitation to explore the myriad of opportunities available, emphasising that there’s a place for everyone in the world of volunteering.

Whether you’re drawn to environmental causes, community outreach, education, or beyond, there’s a place where your unique skills and interests can flourish.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities at Multicap, visit our website or contact our friendly team on 1300 135 886.


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