Sales comes naturally for Rachael

Rachael’s reliability and consistently high performance was recognised by One Harvest for being the most successful at promoting and selling their winter range new products to stores.

Rachael is proud to serve the community by selling salads to the stores and often exceeds her sales targets.

“When I found out that I had won an award, I was shocked,” Rachael said. “It was nice getting feedback. My parents are really proud.”

Rachael works in the National Service Centre selling One Harvest Community Co & Simply Salads ranges and attributed her success to her dad’s sales advice.

“My dad dedicated his career to sales and has given me helpful tips such as study your product and be confident in it, get to know your customers, and be honest,” said Rachael.

“I really enjoy working in the call centre and I can see myself being part of the One Harvest team and rising to team leader one day.”

Originally working in open employment in a day care and as a cleaner, Rachael joined the Makeables team 18 months ago following a recommendation from a friend.

“I never thought working in the call centre would bring me so much joy as it has.”

“I’m so lucky to get a job when I did and be able to keep it during the uncertainly of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m thankful to Multicap for that.”

Rachael works closely with Makeables Business Manager, Donna and explains that having a great leader has contributed to her success at work.

“I’ve had lots of ups and downs over the years in other roles, but Donna makes me happy to come to work. She has a heart of gold and that reflects over the team,” Rachael said.

“She always talks with a smile on her face and treats us like people.”

Donna is proud that the One Harvest partnership with Makeables has delivered opportunities in a call centre and fresh produce packaging.

“One Harvest are wonderful to work with. They are giving people with abilities a shot to learn new skills and they always offer to help and provide support with more training,” Donna said.

Partnering with Multicap helps provide employment and training opportunities that change people’s lives. For more information, visit our website: Social Enterprises | Multicap


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