Talking Possibilities: Season two coming soon

Multicap is excited to announce its podcast series, Talking Possibilities – A podcast for and about people with disability – is returning for Season Two, launching on Tuesday 30th April.

The second season dives into new topics and invites a range of guests to share their insights into living and thriving with a disability.

Episode 1 checks in with Melbourne-based members of Multicap’s social program, After 4, including Program Lead Greg and some of the regular crew, many of whom have been friends since school.

Luca, a sports fanatic, has been a participant of After 4 since 2017 describes a typical night at After 4.

“We split up each week, decide who is doing the cooking, who’s doing the shopping, who is doing the cleaning,” said Luca.

When they are not planning, cooking and sharing a meal together, they socialise, play on the computer or wii, or catch up on the previous week. To find out more about this great program, including After 4’s top five dinner recommendations, be sure to tune in.

Episode Two focuses on the power of expression and finding a creative outlet.

The episode introduces listeners to Multicap’s social enterprise, Monte Lupo Arts Studio through General Manager Creative Arts, Fiona, Monte Lupo supported employee of 23 years, Nathan as well as a busy lawyer, and regular Monte Lupo workshop participant, Fiona.

Episode Three dives into what Supported Independent Living is, how it differs from Specialised Disability Accommodation and who can benefit from it.

Steph shares about her lifechanging move into a new Supported Independent Living home.

Our beloved host, Rebecca Griffin will be returning for Season Two.

Rebecca is passionate about sharing stories of those living and achieving with disability.

Podcasts will be available monthly on Spotify and Apple podcasts or Multicap’s website. Don’t forget to follow Talking Possibilities to hear every episode as they drop.

Further information on the podcast can be found here: https://multicap.org.au/podcast-talking-possibilities/


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