Teamwork makes the dream work

By Karen Bailey, Multicap Service Manager

Teamwork makes the dream work is one of my favourite quotes and I can safely say that during the past 24 years at Multicap, I have seen some dreams come true!

I originally fell into the disability industry in 1998 to cover for someone while they were away and I’ve never looked back. At that time I was working as a nurse in geriatric care and was becoming increasingly disappointed in the lack of time to interact with patients, so when a friend referred me to a position at Multicap, I had nothing to lose.

Within the first year, I knew I was destined for a lifelong career in the disability industry after I saw how much of a positive impact I had made in my customers life just by giving them my time. Being new to the industry I remember feeling slightly overwhelmed about how much I had to learn but I was fortunate to have a fabulous Service Leader and right from my first day, Multicap provided support, training and a friendly team environment which hasn’t stopped.

When I was promoted to Regional Manager after 10 years of service, I recall Multicap’s CEO, Joanne Jessop asking me what I wanted to achieve and I’m proud to say I have delivered on my response to her. That was to develop a Multicap Community Hub in Rockhampton and grow Multicap in the North Queensland region to make it what it is today.

Endless opportunities for professional growth

There is always opportunity for professional growth at Multicap if you have passion, drive and initiative. Multicap has a great reward system for staff to be recognised for their successes.

In my opinion and from my own personal experience, you can enter the disability industry from any background and be successful if you possess the qualities of being empathetic, patient, happy and have a passion to help others. Multicap will provide the training and support for the rest.

I would have never gotten to where I am today without Multicap’s support. I’ve obtained several certificates and various diplomas in community services, disability services, management, workplace health and safety, rehabilitation return to work, trainer and assessor.

If you are interested in a career at Multicap, visit the careers page on our website.


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