What is a SIL Assessment?

Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has made it simpler to access funding for the supports you need to thrive. Those supports often come in the form of access to the community, help with transport or new and exciting employment opportunities. Support is also available if you need help in your daily life.

Through the NDIS you can access funding for Supported Independent Living (SIL) services. SIL services are designed to help build your capacity and give you the chance to realise your full potential. In this article we’ll be covering the basics of SIL and answering the question “What is a SIL assessment?” to help you find the services you need.

What is Supported Independent Living?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a type of NDIS support that’s designed to help you live in your home. You may be eligible for SIL if you need significant amounts of help or supervision every day or through the night. SIL typically funds help and supervision for daily tasks such as personal care, laundry and cooking meals. Ultimately, your SIL supports are there to help you build your capacity, so you can become more independent and achieve your goals.

SIL is designed to work with your other supports to ensure you’ve got everything you need to reach your goals. When assessing your application for SIL funding, the NDIA will think about whether SIL will:

  • Help you pursue your goals
  • Maintain or improve your capacity for independence
  • Maintain or reduce your need for other supports
  • Help you build stronger relationships with your friends, family and community

Since SIL funding is usually reserved for people with high needs, it’s possible you won’t meet the NDIS criteria. If that happens then don’t worry – the NDIS also funds a range of other home and living supports that may be more suitable for your needs.

SIL differs from SDA, you can find out more about the difference between SIL and SDA here.

What is a SIL Assessment?

A SIL assessment is a professional review of your situation, your needs and your goals. If the NDIS needs more information to decide whether you’re eligible for SIL, your plan will include funding for SIL assessments. SIL assessments are usually offered by professional clinicians such as Occupational Therapists. The results of your assessments will be used to make changes to your NDIS plan and provide the SIL funding you need.

SIL assessments are mostly a test of your capacity and needs, as well as how they compare to your short, medium and long-term goals. For example, if your goal is to live independently and you need consistent help with daily tasks, you may be eligible for SIL funding. Every case is assessed individually, so you’ll need to work with your Support Coordinator and NDIS Planner if you think SIL supports are right for you.

Supports Available Through SIL Funding

SIL funding can’t be used to pay for rent, groceries or other living expenses. Instead, it’s used to fund supports that make your daily activities easier. SIL funding can be allocated to a few different types of supports, including:

  • Modifications to your home. A few modifications can go a long way to making your home more accessible. SIL funding can be used to modify your spaces or install equipment that helps with treatments, clinical appointments or daily tasks.
  • Help with daily activities. SIL funding can provide help or supervision for daily activities such as showering, getting dressed and other personal care tasks. SIL also covers overnight support, although that’s calculated separately.
  • Help around the home. You can use your SIL funding for help around the home with daily chores such as cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.

Access the Supported Independent Living Supports You Need with Multicap!

The right SIL funding can make a huge difference to your life. Building your independence is one of the best steps you can take towards realising your goals and reducing your need for support in the future. Multicap is a not for profit NDIS and disability provider that offers a range of SIL services throughout Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Victoria. With an experienced team behind us, we’re able to offer SIL services that range from personal grooming to cooking, cleaning, overnight supervision and beyond. Whatever your goals, we’ll work with you to develop an SIL plan that looks after your needs. Contact us today if you’d like to know more about Supported Independent Living!


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