A new place to call home

Earlier this year Multicap supported Zoe, in her late 20s’, to relocate from a regional town in central Queensland to the Gold Coast hoping that the new community would bring new opportunities for personal growth and development.

Zoe was placed into foster care as a baby and at 21 years old, Multicap commenced supporting Zoe with 24/7 housing and community participation supports after her foster mother was no longer able to provide care for her.

Sadly, due to her complex behaviours, Zoe exhausted the small regional community, and she was no longer welcomed. She needed a new community to support her long-term health and wellbeing.

Zoe now lives in a newly purpose-built specialist disability accommodation unit at the Gold Coast. She was fortunate to have her Disability Support Worker, Owen also relocate to the Gold Coast who continued supporting her through the transition.

Multicap’s Service Manager, Gemma said Zoe is loving the new environment especially having so many exciting activities nearby.

“She is a big fan of the theme parks and after recently obtaining a pass, she has enjoyed a wonderful day at Warner Bros. Movie World,” Gemma said. “You can see the excitement and happiness on her face in the photos.”

“In addition to the fun exploration of the new community, our team have been working with Zoe on capacity building activities such as grocery shopping and food preparation. We are so proud that she can now actively participate.”

The new community has brought about many new opportunities, but of particular importance are the meaningful connections Zoe has made which are contributing to her becoming an active member of the community.

“One day while she was out walking, her love of music led her to a church service. The congregation was so welcoming that she is now an active member of the church service.

“Zoe is also starting to build a lovely friendship with her next-door neighbour who recently had a birthday celebration at the front of the units and invited Zoe to attend,” Gemma said.

Multicap Chief Executive Officer, Joanne Jessop said Zoe’s journey is a wonderful example of our team supporting our customers in all ways, always.

“Sometimes our customers need a new community to start again and make new friends and connections,” Joanne said. “Unfortunately, Zoe’s previous community became an additional challenge for her because of their preconceived ideas.

“I’m thrilled that her new community is welcoming her with open arms,” Joanne said. For people with a disability, community participation gives them a sense of belonging and increases their ability to live independently. For more information contact Multicap on 1300 135 886.


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