Social Enterprises

Centre of Creative Arts (COCA)

What is COCA?

Multicap's Centre of Creative Arts (COCA) is an active and functional artistic program that offers people with disability an opportunity to develop their creative abilities and potential. 

Artists with a disability are under-represented and under-employed in the creative sector. The COCA program offers creative pathways for people with complex needs from arts training through to social enterprise. The unique perspectives and experiences of artists with disability can transform the way the art is presented and enhance audience connection. It also encourages students to work independently, and collaborate with Arts Facilitators and others.

What is covered in the program?

The program features a variety of visual, tactile and performing arts modules facilitated by professional artists across Multicap's Community Hubs throughout Queensland. 

Who are the Art Facilitators?

Our Art Facilitators have a wealth of experience working across a range of mediums and enjoy teaching a range of different techniques and programs to our students.

Where and when is the COCA Program offered?

Our COCA program is delivered at our Community Hubs and you can view the activity programs in your local area on our Community Hub page

For more information about current and upcoming COCA programs, please contact 1300 135 886 or email [email protected].

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