Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Multicap will:

  1. Continue to deliver on our sole purpose
  2. Keep our customers as safe as possible
  3. Keep as many people employed as possible

Accommodation Services

Restrictions are currently in place for some Multicap Accommodation Services in Queensland and New South Wales.


Visitors are permitted at Supported Independent Living, Short Term and Critical Supports accommodation. Please follow the directions of staff regarding wearing of masks and/or PPE, as per site requirements.

Visitors to Multicap accommodation services that house four or more unrelated people with a disability must check into the home using the Check-In Queensland app, abide by the visitor screening tools and directions, wear a mask/PPE as directed and abide by vaccination requirements as required. 
Staff at Multicap disability accommodation sites must follow the current PPE guidelines in place.

New South Wales

All people in NSW over the age of 12 are required to wear a face mask:  

  • in an indoor area of premises other than a place of residence
  • in an indoor area on common property for residential premises
  • at a public transport waiting area
  • in a vehicle or vessel being used to provide a public transport service 
  • working at a hospitality venue and dealing directly with members of the public
  • on a domestic commercial aircraft, including when the aircraft is flying above NSW.

There are additional rules for NSW disability accommodation services. Please contact the service directly for more information prior to visiting for full information.


  • Two visitors aged 12 years and over plus 2 visitors under 12 years per resident per day
  • should have proof of vaccination or a medical exemption


  • are permitted to leave their home to exercise, for recreational activities or to attend small family gatherings provided they adhere to the restrictions within the Public Health (COVID-19 General) Order 2021 (the Order).


  • must always wear a surgical mask whilst supporting customers and must abide by screening tools in place.

Please visit the New South Wales Health website for more details for accommodation services.

Please visit the NSW government website for more information

Please call the Multicap COVID-19 Hotline on 0435 003 865 immediately:

  • if customers have had a COVID-19 test.
  • if customers have attended a Contact Tracing location
  •  for any confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19.

All sites currently have the following measures in place to protect our customers, team members, and the public. These measures are in addition to any current state or federal government-mandated restrictions or directions.

  • Visitors are permitted at Multicap Accommodation services if the visitor complies with entry requirements and checks in to the site. Visitors must follow the directions of staff on site
  • Multicap team members must follow the mandatory temperature checks and travel/health screening questions when arriving at site 
  • Multicap team members have been instructed to increase their hand hygiene practices and to not come to work if they are unwell
  • All people on site must follow the social distancing requirements for each location, where possible.

Customers, staff and visitors patrons are welcome to wear masks at any time if they wish, and Multicap staff will support customers to do so. You can access social stories for mask-wearing on our COVID-19 Support Resources page.

This website is being updated on a regular basis as new information which impacts our services and operations comes to hand. 

Please continue to adhere to all COVID-19 measures we have in place, and for more information or updates please visit the Queensland Government website or New South Wales Government website.

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