How Multicap is Responding

The Executive Leadership Team at Multicap has been meeting on a regular basis to plan a response to Coronavirus, forming the Emergency Response Team (ERT) in February. This team has created extensive plans to ensure that regardless of the situation, we are able to continue to deliver essential services, support as many customers as possible, and keep as many staff employed as possible – safely and sustainably. We’ve been guided by our existing emergency response/natural disaster procedures, adapting them to suit the Coronavirus pandemic, in order to manage the business and minimise impact to customers, particularly with regards to isolation of people and disrupted supply of items. We’ve also sought advice and input from government agencies and disability services organisations, to ensure our plans are best-practice.

Delivering support services to people with disability is an Essential Service. Our priority is to ensure that our customers’ essential needs are safely met at all times, regardless of the pressures and changes brought about by this pandemic. To do this, while keeping everyone safe and making sure we are following the rules set by the state and federal governments, we’ve had to change the way we deliver some of our services, and how we run the organisation day-to-day. 

Multicap continues to deliver services to customers in line with the protective restrictions imposed by state and federal governments, and the Emergency Response Team continues to meet and respond to the changing situation with the pandemic. The easing of restrictions in Queensland to Stage 3 from 3 July 2020 has seen Multicap return many of its services to 'business as usual' operations, with measures and contingencies in place to meet social distancing, restrictions and hygiene requirements to keep our customers, their families and our staff safe. 

Please continue to adhere to all COVID-19 measures we have in place, and for more information or updates, please visit the Queensland Government website or New South Wales Government website.

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