Protecting Our Customers and Community

At Multicap, we are committed to putting the health and safety of our customers and staff first, and we will take all necessary precautionary measures to achieve this. As this is an ongoing situation, we remain cautious and careful to protect our customers and staff in line with directions from the Queensland, New South Wales and Australian governments. We urge all customers, their support networks, and Multicap staff to stay informed by regularly checking the Queensland Government website, and New South Wales Government website.

As this is a constantly changing situation, we advise anyone wishing to visit a Multicap accommodation service to call ahead of time to be informed of any measures specific to that location. 

Anyone attending a Multicap accommodation service must follow the directions of staff, abide by Multicap policies and any other advice relating to the Disability Accommodation Service Direction from the Queensland Government and any current information and advice from the New South Wales Government.

In line with our sole purpose - the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families is enhanced by our support - the health, safety and wellbeing of our customers is our first priority in everything we do. 

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the protective measures in place present unique challenges for everyone, particularly for people living with disability and who require ongoing essential support. 

Multicap continues to deliver services to customers in line with the protective restrictions imposed by state and federal governments. Since 3 July 2020 Multicap returned many of its services to 'business as usual' operations, with measures and contingencies in place to meet social distancing and hygiene requirements to keep our customers, their families and our staff safe. 

Multicap's Emergency Response Team constantly monitors the changing situation and adjusts our response and operations accordingly. Our response to this changing situation has been comprehensive and has always been focused on our customers, staff and the continuity of our operations. 

It is recommended that you wear a mask if you are unable to stay more than a 1.5-metre distance from other people, such as busy walkways and thoroughfare, and on public transport. More information on these restrictions can be found on the Queensland Government website. You can access social stories for mask-wearing on our COVID-19 Support Resources page.

Please continue to adhere to all COVID-19 measures we have in place, and for more information or updates, please visit the Queensland Government website or New South Wales Government website.

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