A message from the CEO: Celebrating 60 years

This year marks a very special year for Multicap as we celebrate 60 years of supporting and enhancing the quality of life for people with disability and their families. 

Multicap had humble beginnings in a church hall in Brisbane when five families joined together to find suitable support and opportunities for their young children with multiple disabilities, leading to the inauguration of The Multiple Handicapped Association of Queensland in March 1962.  

During my 16 years as Multicap’s CEO, it was one of my greatest honours to have met and connected with all five of the original founding families or their relatives in my initial years at Multicap. Many of those relationships are still in place today. I’m certain that what Multicap has achieved is far beyond the wildest dreams of those families that worked so hard just to hold that first meeting 60 years ago. It is a great pleasure for us to be custodians of the vision the first five families had for their children; hopes and aspirations that they deserved and had a right to live quality lives. I am proud to say that I see and hear evidence of this, our sole purpose, every day and everywhere across Multicap, as we continually seek to turn this vision into reality. 

Today Multicap, along with our partner Open Minds, are leaders in high needs disability support and mental health services, providing individualised support, experiences and opportunities for more than 8000 customers and clients across Queensland and northern New South Wales. Whilst we have grown and diversified over the years, our commitment and sole purpose remains the same – the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families is enhanced by our support. 

Throughout the past 60 years, we have created opportunities, championed possibilities and inspired partnerships of support. Our journey has not been without its challenges but our passion for every individual’s right to connect and realise the possibilities available to them, drives us to always believe there is a way. I’m incredibly proud of Multicap’s genuinely caring family-like culture that has stayed true over time. 

I’m also proud of what we have achieved in the past decade by investing in building new houses for our customers. New housing developments have opened many opportunities for people with disability to live in quality homes enabling them to thrive independently and be empowered to make choices and enjoy quality of life. 

Looking forward, I’m thrilled that Multicap is set to become a leader in providing specialist purpose-built accommodation for people with Prader Willi Syndrome. Our design and imminent construction of a home for up to five people living with Prader Willi Syndrome will be a significant achievement, and form part of the next 60 years of quality sector leading services and supports Our Prader-Willi Project is an example of Multicap engaging with important, unsolved societal issues, delivering significant social impact and cultivating a culture of discovering over knowing, and becoming over being. 

Thank you for your contribution 

To our customers: Thank you for choosing us, being one of our valued customers, and trusting us for many years and sharing with us what makes your life better so we can be leaders in high needs disability support and mental health services. We are so grateful for the pleasure of knowing you and working with you to get the most out of life in all ways, all ways.  

To our employees: I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many talented, dedicated and passionate people every day. I am immensely proud of your commitment to put our customers first and to live our values everyday. You are integral to Multicap’s success. 

To our partners: To be in business for 60 years, we recognise the importance of establishing collaborative partnerships that bring extraordinary value to both Multicap and our customers. We thank our partners for their commitment, expertise, and skills in helping us support our customers. 

As Multicap celebrates our 60th year, I encourage all our wonderful customers, employees and partners, past and present, who have helped make us what we are today to take the time to celebrate our successes throughout history. I’m looking forward to shaping our exciting future together. 

Joanne Jessop 

Chief Executive Officer


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