Jack and the sound of music 

Arts Facilitator Jack Murphy has big plans for music at Multicap.

Not only does he want to grow the two choirs he facilitates but is introducing instrumental groups and hopes to also offer guitar lessons.

“I love the way music brings everybody together and stimulates people,” Jack said. “The energy produced is contagious.”

Jack started with Multicap in late 2020 and says the role allows him to combine his passion for music with the theory from his Bachelor of Music and Certificate III in Community Services.

Jack, 31, has a visual impairment and wants to support other people with disability to achieve their dreams.

“Given that I have a disability I thought there’s probably a lot I can pass on and assist people with,” he said. “So, I thought there’s no reason why I can’t help people achieve more.

Jack was first introduced to music when he was two.

“My grandfather bought me a guitar and used to sit it on the ground and strum it,” he said. “When I got to about eight years old, my family said you’re old enough to learn to play it and they sent me to a teacher.

“I was a very slack learner to start with. I learnt four chords and that was four too many – like most kids, I didn’t want to practice. And then a few weeks after that he taught me another three, which meant I could play a song. After that I couldn’t put it down.”

Since then, Jack has taught himself to play the piano and can even take to the drums if needed.

He now facilitates the Robina Choir and the Eight Mile Plains Choir. Both choirs have performed publicly several times, including a performance at the Multicap Open Day and SWELL Sculpture Festival last year.

“I really like seeing the way the customers get into it and enjoy it,” Jack said.

Jack is recruiting new members for both choirs. The Eight Mile Plain Choir, now known as ‘Sing Stars’ will incorporate both singing and musical instruments and will be held on Wednesdays from 3-5pm.

If you would like more information or have an interest in joining, please contact Multicap on 1300 135 886.


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