The many benefits of working for a well-established employer of choice

Ms Joanne Jessop, Multicap Group Chief Executive Officer

People are looking for flexibility, choice and opportunity in the workplace these days, but they are also looking for stability. We know this now more than ever having lived through a global pandemic.

Stability comes from working with well-established organisations. Organisations with a long history and a plan for the future.

For 60 years, Multicap—an employer of choice—has been delivering social impact support to people with disability. Established in 1912, Open Minds has well over 100 years of experience providing mental health and disability support.

Both Multicap and Open Minds continue to contribute in a meaningful manner to strengthening and improving communities.

As employers, Multicap and Open Minds offer many different benefits above those offered by platform (online) providers.

Firstly, there is the protection of employment, which is all about your rights at work. There are many other advantages as well. 

  • At Multicap our employees are paid above award wages.
  • Staff have access to a range of free training and development opportunities – some face to face and others online. From frontline leader training and positive behaviour support to the thousands of online modules.
  • Our external Employee Assistance Programs are available free of charge to all staff and provide a range of holistic supports from grief, trauma, domestic violence, counselling and financial advice.
  • Financial planning and salary sacrifice opportunities are also available to our employees, ensuring their wages go as far as possible. This is only possible through our status as a Public Benevolent Institution.
  • Our staff have access to a comprehensive reward and recognition program. It offers an impressive employee benefits program, including online access to discounts on groceries, petrol, and many other areas such as gifts, clothes and IT equipment. We know the importance of being told ‘thank you’, and this program allows you to easily give and receive recognition across the business. Health and wellbeing is also important and there are some excellent tips and references for employees included in this program.

Along with these benefits, staff recognition is a priority at Multicap. Every year at our annual Staff Excellence Awards, we celebrate our staff for length of service and excellence in their field. This is a highlight of the year for me as Group CEO.

Across Multicap and Open Minds, we employ more than 2400 people in full-time, part-time and casual roles. Our retention rate is close to 80 per cent, something I am incredibly proud of and that speaks volumes about our people and our organisation.

Employees in the care and support sector have choice, and we want to highlight opportunities for working in this sector with various employers offering a range of roles with flexibility to suit most people. It’s all about finding what works best for you and your family, and working with an organisation whose values align with yours.

‘I love working at Multicap – it’s really fulfilling. We have a great team who support each other and always have the best interest of our customers in mind.’ Multicap Disability Support Worker


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