Welcome Open Minds

A new partnership is opening up opportunities for increased support for our customers and clients
In October 2021 we were thrilledto announce a new partnership between Multicap and Open Minds, to deliver greater opportunities and support options for people living with psychosocial disability and
mental illness.

Under the new partnership, Open Minds has become a subsidiary of Multicap, remaining as a separate legal identity and retaining its own employees, brand and clients.

With a proud history of more than 100 years, Open Minds is committed to its purpose of enabling an independent and positive future for people living with mental illness and psychosocial disability, and shares a very similar footprint to Multicap throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. The partnership will strengthen both organisations, allow for greater diversity in service options for clients and customers, and provide expanded career opportunities for employees.

By working together our organisations have a tremendous opportunity to address a number of unmet needs in our communities by continuing to do what we do best – delivering support that enhances the lives of our clients, customers and their families.

Importantly, the partnership does not change anything for customers and clients, who have been at the heart of the decision to create this partnership. We are looking forward to offering Multicap and Open Minds support services to clients and customers from both organisations in the future.

This partnership is a very positive step forward for both organisations, our customers and our employees, and we are excited about the benefits and opportunities ahead.

Image: Multicap CEO Joanne (left), and Open Minds CEO Paula (right) at the announcement of the partnership.


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